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Hey! I'm Mana, or Alex, a derpy queer fanboy residing in Vancouver. I'm an artist, cosplayer, and oldermansexual (with an avid love for silver foxes)

Lover of Hannibal, Hanna's not a boys name, Tarantino Films, The Avengers, Sherlock Holmes stuff, Misfits, etc etc..

Artist of the Webcomic GREY
Writer is Rifa


My Little Pony Name Generator




Crystal Charmer

I am okay with this

Honey Blossom

yesyesyesyesyes every yes ever yes please thank you arigato

Flare Flicker

ooh that is pretty qt (I am a pegasus~)

Handsome Masquerade

omg I am the swaggest fuckin pony 

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    Rain Chaser
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    Solar Flicker I’m awesome.
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    Real Name - Diamond Shimmer Spy - Steel Masquerade Spy OC Name - Charming Prism Sniper - Thunder Chaser Sniper OC Name -...
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    Mist Twister
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    Lightning Chaser uwu
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    Brawny Boulder. I get it. It’s ironic. Thanks, name generator.
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    morgan, Rain Runner ah yeah
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    i hate mlp but meh lets do it anyway Solar Chaser … i can live with that
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    Rain Dancer!
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    Peach Heart I did the appearance generator for the hell of it A charming, kindhearted pony who loves playing practical...
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    Lightning Chaser! Fuck Yeah, got my OC now!
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    Solar Flicker. Badass.
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    lightning dancer. woo fancy.
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    Spring Withers Actually that sounds pretty cool
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    Charming Charmers. speaks for itself.
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    Flare Zephyr sounds cool :)
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    Harmony Shimmer :P
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    Sugar Fields
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    Charming Charmer. Ladies~
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    Thunder Twister Awww yeah.
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    Dipper Flipsy Alright fuck me
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    Rain Crackle ???
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    Tuxedo Masquerade. Tuxedo Masquerade TUXEDO MASQUERADE. I WILL SAVE YOU SAILOR MOON.
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    Thunder Flicker. …Am I Thor pony?
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    Crystal Darling Sweet!
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    Lightning Dancer :3
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    Charming Charmer. :l
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    Star charmer I like it!
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    Lightning Chaser FUCK YE then i went to the appearance generator and got this A charming, prankster pony who is a slow...
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    storm chaser for my full name yess nickname is peach withers…hm sounds a little sad an another nickname twilight...
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    Breeze Chaser OHHHHHHHH. * U*
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    Thunder Chaser and Hyper Fire haha I likey.
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    (Tried my name, nickname and full name) Star Charmer, Peaceful Treasure and Star Secret.
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    Leaf Sprinkles… I LIKE IT.
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    Thunder Dasher …sweet~
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    Nightmare Scoundrel yey
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    Thunder twister. Kinda awkward xP
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    Storm Chaser I sound cool
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    Star Shimmer dhsjkhf that’s cute!
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    Cloud Chaser Hmm. Not bad.