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Asgard mourning over Loki

This just kills me. Because seriously, is anyone really surprised that Loki completely lost it? Thor and Frigga are literally the only people who show any regret over what happened to him. Odin THREW A FUCKING PARTY. No one gave a shit that Loki had fallen into the darkness, and that he’d fought beside them for thousands of years. They just had a big feast, and that was it.

Compare this to the way everyone reacted when Thor was banished. They knew he wasn’t dead, that he was probably fine somewhere, but all they could think about was how terrible it was and how they needed to get him back, even though it was his own fault that he was banished and it was a lesson he needed to learn. Loki even points this out to them, but they don’t listen to him. None of them ever listened to Loki, even though for the most part he was probably the most clear-headed person in Asgard. Even sabotaging Thor’s coronation was pretty sensible. Yeah, a lot of it came from jealousy and the desire to fuck shit up, but honestly Thor was not ready to be king at that point. That was very obvious. He needed to grow up and learn that war wasn’t a game, and that he couldn’t just do whatever the hell he wanted. So Loki puts it all on hold in typical Loki style, because seriously no one was going to listen to him if he tried to actually point out that Thor wasn’t ready for the crown. He had to take matters into his own hands. All of Asgard treated him like shit. They ignored him and they made constant jibes at him. And then they’re surprised when it turns out he hates them all. 

And so the confrontation between Loki and Thor in Avengers breaks my heart, because I don’t think Thor was lying. The thing about Thor is that he’s this big innocent teddy bear who sees everything in the way he wants to, and so he probably does believe everyone saw Loki the way he did, and that they loved him as he did. And that’s why he thought the slights against Loki were ‘imagined’, because he honestly didn’t notice them. Thor just wants everything to be okay, and that’s kind of his downfall with Loki, because he just doesn’t notice all the things that are fucked up in the way Loki is treated.

Loki knows they didn’t mourn. Thor is the one person who cared about him even though he had a completely different skills set from the warriors of Asgard, and even so he’s never going to understand Loki because he refuses to see what Loki has had to put up with all these years.

Also, Odin can suck my dick. 

People hating on Odin and the rest of Asgard because AAHH LOKI WAS SUCH AN INNOCENT SOUL really upsets me so here have a rant.

I honestly fucking doubt Odin threw this party because of Loki’s ”death”, and saying Thor and Frigga were the only ones upset over it is also wrong or did we watch different movies because I’m pretty sure I saw Odin staring into space outside, away from the party.

And even if the party was for Loki’s death then take a good hard look at Asgard and think about the fact that they’re a fucking Warrior race, they celebrate death because you get to go to Valhalla or Fólkvangr and serve Odin and Frigga.

Of course they mourned over Loki but it is also part of their tradition to celebrate death in remembrance of the deceased so if Thor had died I believe they would have thrown the same kind of party. Perhaps people would have been more upset, yes, but you’re also forgetting that Loki wasn’t just some innocent little child, even back then before he officially snapped he was the god of mischief for a reason. He wasn’t as loved as Thor and I can never understand why people blame that on Odin because while I’m sure him being a frost giant was part of it how do you expect Odin to change that, and even then he must have also done some sneaky ass shit to get people to dislike him. Like cutting Sif’s fucking hair off as a prank.

And even if the celebration wasn’t for Loki’s death I believe they’d be pretty glad that Asgard wasn’t overtaken by frost giants, and honestly I’d rather celebrate over that and bring some light into a grim situation, the mourning itself can be done in private.

And stop fucking blaming Odin for everything, he did his best as a father and even he can make mistakes.


I have like three things to add onto her glorious rebuttal (lol .. butt):

  1. AGAIN. Read the myths. Asgardians celebrate death. When a god dies, he/she goes to Valhalla, where he/she will never again thirst or hunger for anything and will live out eternity in the golden hall of the Valkyries with their previously fallen comrades and friends.
  2. Odin is a warlord and a sorcerer in his own right. He’s like Fury, guys. His secrets have secrets. You can’t live for several millennia and not have a shitton of dirty laundry. He took Loki in to spare the foundling’s life and to possibly forge a peace between the realms. His plans fell through and YET HE DIDN’T RENOUNCE LOKI. EVEN NOW, HE STILL CLAIMS HIM AS HIS OWN SON. Odin’s parenting is an old joke by now, but he did the best he could under the circumstances fate laid out for him. Gods operate differently than we do, remember.
  3. LOKI IS NOT A DECENT PERSON. He may have some inkling of good inside him (Thor’s the one who sees it most), but now that Odin’s deception has cemented itself in his psyche, Loki has decided that since he’s obviously a monster, he’s going to be the best monster the Nine Realms have ever seen. He’s always been into pranks, but now his pranks have deadly intent behind them. Mischief isn’t enough for him anymore. He’s coming into his own as the god of chaos.