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Hey! I'm Mana, or Alex, a derpy queer fanboy residing in Vancouver. I'm an artist, cosplayer, and oldermansexual (with an avid love for silver foxes)

Lover of Hannibal, Hanna's not a boys name, Tarantino Films, The Avengers, Sherlock Holmes stuff, Misfits, etc etc..

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I could literally cry. 

I don’t understand the blue underwear

are they for….     

easier access ?                                      

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goin to a cool event with art and djs and dancing with my man friend tonight !!! gosh

manafromheaven asked
GREY HARRY POTTER AU?? forgive me, I just wanna know wHAT HOUSES THEY WOULD BE IN AND !!! omg lawrence and potions and chloe playing quiddich cchch and bOBBY BEATING UP FIRTS YEARS and BOSS IS A DEATH EATEr andnf snnf /sdk


-long winding sigh-

Yeah I mean. I think you got it there.

I’m not gonna write a micro out Im just gonna to add onto that like uh, fuck, Mason is totally a Slytherin prefect and Charlie would be this Hufflepuff first year that took a liking to him.

And yeah the Boss would be doing the fucking torture curse on people as a death eater somewhere, Bobby wouldnt just be the asshole that beat up first years but he’d have this muggle-born complex and flip out against ‘pureblood’ shitheads (so he and Boss wouldnt even be in the same jurisdiction I mean Bobby wouldn’t be a deatheater he’d be trying to take them down to try adn get their power man.)

Lawrence would be a below-average ravenclaw who is really smart but is always just kinda behind other people in his house. But yeah, obsessed with potions.

Oh man, Pike would be in Gryffindor with Franky and constantly following him around like “HEY MAN WHAT CLASSES YOU HAVE TODAY WOW COOL I GOT ANSWERS FOR THAT ONE TESTS AHAHA DONT ASK HOW I GOT THEM ok look I bought them off a Ravenclaw 6th year cool eh don’t tell bUT YEAH MAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING AFTER CLASS????”

Oh man who else can I talk about? Alright so sorting as far as I can tell…

Cameron is Slytherin, as is Chloe (Icarus basically I mean assassins for hire so like???), I’m torn about Bobby’s sorting cause he seems to actually lean more towards Gryffindor (H’es more reckless and passionate) but he’s also a good canidate for Slytherin so???? God who else. Omar could be a Ravenclaw honestly, he’s an info guy. I have no idea about Thomas, ah heck

but yeah

theres a bit of thought



"…And I have to tell you that Hugh Dancy… After meeting his parents and hearing them tell this story of how he enjoyed some sort of play-acting murder as a child, it was hard not to recall the day on set when he gets sprayed with blood. He was so giddy and school-boyish. "

Bryan Fuller

I AM a tiny Hugh Dancy after all !!!

I got to listen to an astronaut sing Space Oddity by David Bowie, listened to Imogen Heap sing MMM WHATCHYA SAY, watched Amanda Palmer throw chairs around the stage, and hugged Neil Gaiman all in the same night

that’s wasn’t on my bucket list but now it is just so I can cross it off